Meet the new 730

The BK 730 is impressive, dynamic, and powerful. Through sharp lines and spacious layout this design is much more than an eye catcher.

Convince yourself of the unique performance and capabilities the BK 730 has to offer.

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The 730 is completely built from grade A thick aluminum, therefore the ship very lightweight and durable. The natural resistance towards the elements makes ship virtually indestructible, maintenance free, and suitable for any area.


Like its bigger brother the 730 features an open transom and self-draining cockpit. The benefits of this design seem endless.

  • Child-friendly, everyone young or old has easy acces after swimming
  • A large comfy tanning bed
  • Spray or rain will flow directly back to sea


The BK 730 features a spacious cabin suitable for two persons. The cabin is equipped with toilet and sink allowing you to explore even further.


Modern design with advanced technology. The combustion engine has strongly developed over the last century. Fuel efficient, quiet, and very low maintenance.

Electric propulsion technology is catching up very fast. This technology incorporates the latest innovations in energy storage, allowing you to keep going all day on a single charge.

Hybrid drive combines the best of both worlds. Combining both technologies offers the perfect mix of reach and reliability.


  • Noiseless
  • Efficient
  • Sustainable


  • Perfect mix
  • Noiseless
  • Powerfull


  • Reach
  • Powerfull
  • Traditional