Meet the new 880

The 880 is an aluminum tender designed for amazing days out on the water. With this tender you can have the ultimate boating experience, silent cruising, or excitingly fast.

The 880 is the finest tender ever. It can be equipped with electric, conventional, or hybrid drive. Also the 880 offers a spacious deck with the practical layout.

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Through electric drive you can appreciate nature even better. The sounds of your surroundings and the flowing water offer a sense of luxury previously only felt on sailing yachts.


The 880 tender is designed to have an open transom. The interaction with the water is phenomenal. A few of the benefits:

  • The large deck: SUP-boards, training sailboat, diving equipment, or even a dinghy can easily be placed on board.
  • Rainwater flows directly from deck.
  • Access, get back on board after swimming.
  • Entry, reverse towards the dock to provide easy entry for you guests.


The 880 is constructed from thick aluminum which allows for extreme strength and durability. The natural properties of this material allow this ship to be lightweight, low maintenance, and fit for all conditions.


Modern design with advanced technology. The combustion engine has strongly developed over the last century. Fuel efficient, quiet, and very low maintenance.

Electric propulsion technology is catching up very fast. This technology incorporates the latest innovations in energy storage, allowing you to keep going all day on a single charge.

Hybrid drive combines the best of both worlds. Combining both technologies offers the perfect mix of reach and reliability.


  • Noiseless
  • Efficient
  • Sustainable


  • Perfect mix
  • Noiseless
  • Powerfull


  • Reach
  • Powerfull
  • Traditional


Go swimming, visit an island, of just afternoon drinks and music with friends. Choose the interior that fits your needs best.